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Wait, is that your Sister?!

Wait, you’re sisters?”

“But your Black and she’s White”

We need to stop labeling what family looks like. If someone says to you, "that's my sister", don't question them!

At times we fail to recognize similar features when we see two different skin tones. This is especially difficult for mixed race children growing up! Growing up, it was me, my mam and my sister in the house. A lot of times when people would see us together and I would say "This is my mam" , comments would be made saying, "But you don't look like her?". That is very upsetting for a young child to hear that. I know I'm not alone when I speak about this.

Going back to the topic of me and my sister (Miriam), we have different dads but the same mother. We've lived together since day one. She is my sister and I don't care what anyone says. We are blessed to have had the cultural influences of Ireland, Ghana and Algeria enrich our household.

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