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Jessica and Sasha

You say that I'm “too white” or “too black”, that I’m “not white enough” or not “black enough”.

I say that I am beautiful and I am whole. I am biracial and I am proud. (quoted from Jessica and Sasha)

Jessica and Sasha are sisters who are Irish.They are my next door neighbors. Their father is from Nigeria and their mam is from Ireland.

They hold banners saying "We will not be silenced" and "Don't touch my hair"

Speaking up against racism and educating yourself about it is not just a trend, it needs to keep happening. Their hair is beautiful but please don't ask can you touch it. They will not be silenced and neither will I! We are black and we are also white. Don't tell us we are not enough or too much of either. That's hurtful and, dare I say, racist!

Now is the time to talk. We are sick of Labels.

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